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2016 美國華人貭譜學會年會暨晚宴


2016 CASMS Annual Meeting &

Tuesday Dinner Banquet


Online Registration


CASMS will host this year’s Annual General Meeting and Banquet in conjunction with the 6th World Chinese MS Conference (WCMSC) on Tuesday, June 7, 2016, at San Antonio Downtown Holiday Inn River Walk (http://www.hiriverwalk.com/).

217 N. St. Mary’s St.

San Antonio, TX 78205

(210) 224-2500

The event will include a reception from 5:30 to 7 PM at the Sky Line Atrium and the banquet starting at 7 PM at the Tango Ballroom.


The reception will include one FREE drink (wine, beer or soft drink) per person if you come between 5:30 and 6:30 PM.


The banquet will include a three-course meal with red wine.


New For This YearOnline registration is extended to noon, June 6, 2016 (Monday), or will be closed to when the maximum number of attendees reaches to 400.


Ticket cost: $25 (for student/postdoc) and $30 (for other).




CASMS Executive Team




The 6th World Chinese Mass Spectrometry Conference

(第次通知 The Third Announcement)

June 4th, 2016, Saturday
La Quinta Inns & Suites San Antonio Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas


See the Scientific Program


The 6th WCMSC Program at a Glance


 Date: June 4, 2016 (Saturday)

Event: 第六届世界華人貭譜研讨會 The 6th World Chinese Mass Spectrometry Conference

Venue: La Quinta Inns & Suites San Antonio Riverwalk; 303 Blum, San Antonio, TX; www.laquintasanantonioriverwalk.com


Date: June 5, 2016 (Sunday)

Event: Thermo Scientific Users’ Meeting Lunch and Focus Group Meetings (Optional)

Venue: Historic Sunset Station; 174 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX; http://www.sunset-station.com


Date: June 6, 2016 (Monday)

Event: CASMS Monday Night Networking Social (by invitation only): 8:00-11:00 pm (sponsored by Sciex)

Venue: Grand Promenade 113 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX ; 210.212.3957 (~8 min walk distance from the Convention Center).


Date: June 7, 2016 (Tuesday)

Event: 2016 美國華人貭譜學會年會暨晚宴 The 2016  CASMS Annual Meeting and Dinner Banquet: 5:30-9:00 pm

Venue: San Antonio Downtown Holiday Inn Riverwalk  217 N. St. Mary’s St.,  San Antonio, TX

The event will include a reception from 5:30 PM (with a free drink ticket) to 7 PM at the Sky Line Atrium and the banquet starting at 7 PM at the Tango Ballroom. The banquet will include a three-course meal with red wine.


Confirmed Speakers (as of may 12, 2016)

  • 廖寶琦 (Pao-Chi Liao), 特聘教授, 國立成功大學環境醫學研究所
  • 何國榮 (Guor-Rong Her), 教授, 國立臺灣大學化學系
  • 李茂榮 (Maw-Rong Lee), 特聘教授兼理學院院長, 國立中興大學化學系
  • 謝建台 (Jentaie Shiea), 特聘教授教授, 國立中山大學化學系
  • 王亦生 (Yi Sheng Wang), 研究員, 中央研究院基因體研究中心
  • 陳逸然 (Yet-Ran Chen), 副研究員, 中央研究院農業生物科技中心
  • 陳淑慧 (Shu-Hui Chen), 特聘教授, 國立成功大學化學系
  • 陳怡婷 (Yi Ting Chen), 助理教授, 長庚大學生物醫學系
  • 吳志哲 (Chih-Che Wu), 副教授, 國立暨南大學應用化學系
  • 張權發 (Chuan-Fa Chang), 副教授, 國立成功大學醫技系
  • 姚鐘平 (Zhongping Yao), Professor,  香港理工大學
  • 陳雲 (Wan Simon Chan), Assistant Professor, 香港科技大學
  • 蕭智傑 (Andy Chi Kit Siu), Associate Professor, 香港城市大學
  • 刘志强 (Zhiqiang Liu), 研究员, 中科院长春应化所
  • 潘远江 (Yuanjiang Pan), 教授, 浙江大学
  • 杭纬 (Wei Hang), 教授, 厦门大学
  • 丁传凡 (Chuanfan Ding), 教授, 复旦大学
  • 杨福全 (Fuquan Yang), 研究员, 中科院生物物理所
  • 朱正江 (Zhengjiang Zhu), 研究员, 中国科学院生物与化学交叉研究中心、上海有机化学研究所
  • 叶明亮 (Mingliang Ye), 研究员, 中科院大连化物所
  • 栾天罡 (Tiangang Luan), 教授, 中山大学
  • 袁必锋 (Bifeng Yuan)教授, 武汉大
  • 汪幅意 (Fuyi Wang), 研究员, 中科院化学所
  • 孔祥蕾 (Xianglei Kong), 教授, 南开大学
  • 陳焕文 (Huanwen Chen), 教授, 东华理工大學
  • 谢孟峡 (Mengxia Xie), 教授, 北京师范大學
  • 陳浩 (Hao Chen), Associate Professor, Ohio University
  • 葛瑛 (Ying Ge), Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin
  • 李楓 (Frank Li), CEO and President, Alliance Pharma, Inc.
  • 李灵军 (Lingjun Li), Professor, University of Wisconsin
  • 彭隽敏 (Junmin Peng), Associate Professor, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • 曲峻 (Jun Qu), Associate Professor, SUNY at Buffalo
  • 王融 (Rong Wang), Professor, Mount Sinai Hospital
  • 翁乃栋 (Naidong Weng), Fellow, Johnson & Johnson
  • 伍荣护 (Ronghu Wu), Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 暇瑜 (Yu Xia), Associate Professor, Purdue University
  • 张忠起 (Zhongqi Zhang), Scientific Director, Amgen


Conference Organization

  • Conference Organizers:
  • Conference Chair: Dr. Lingjun Li
  • Conference Co-Chairs: Dr. Jinying Li, Dr. Yuanjiang Pan, Dr. Pao-Chi Liao, Dr. Maw-Rong Lee, Dr. Zhongping Yao
  • Scientific Program: Dr. Liang Li and Dr. Yinsheng Wang
  • Activity Program: Dr. Xianlin Han, Dr. Andy Tao and Dr. Rong Wang
  • Fundraising: Dr. Lan Huang, Dr. Shouxun Zhao and Dr. Naidong Weng
  • Communications: Dr. Mingshe Zhu and Dr. Hui Zhang
  • Secretariat: Dr. Zezong Gu
  • Executive Committee for Conference Organization: Dr. Xianlin Han, Dr. Liang Li, Dr. Lingjun Li, and Dr. Andy Tao


CASMS Hosts the 2015 Annual General Meeting and Dinner Event at St. Louis


The 2015 annual general meeting (AGM) of the CASMS and dinner were held on Tuesday, June 2 at Mandarin House (京园) Banquet Hall, St. Louis. There were close to 400 attendees for the evening event, including 50 invited guests representing our sponsors, sister societies at the greater China region and various subcommittees of CASMS. The venue was one of the best for staging the dinner event. The overall program was well received. The AGM dinner started with a brief reception at 6 PM while waiting for buses bringing the attendees from the Convention Center to the Banquet Hall. Seating started around 6:30 PM. The official program commenced at 7:30 PM and completed at 8:30 PM. The program (Please check the link to see the details) included President's Annual Report, Financial Report, announcement of new CASMS President and President-Elect as well as new CASMS Executive Committee for 2015-17, celebration of some of our members' achievements, Service Award given to Dr. Xianlin Han and Dr. Fanyu Meng, introduction to our sister societies and announcement of job opportunities. Representatives of our sponsors gave brief speeches as well. The event attendees stayed around till about 9:30 PM. Dr. Liang Li served as the host of the event. Dr. Zezong Gu prepared the slide show for the program.


(Reported by LL/ZG, 08.13.2015)