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The Member Professional Development Committee

  • Chair:Hui Zhang

    Dr. Hui Zhang is a professor of Pathology, Oncology, Chemical and Biomoledular Engineering of Johns Hopkins University. She is the director of the Mass Spectrometry Core Facility in the Center for Biomarker Discovery and Translation. Dr. Zhang studies protein modifications on

    the proteome scale and the effects of protein modifications on protein functions and disease development. For the past few years, her laboratory has developed several novel glycoproteomic and glycomic technologies to study cell surface glycoproteins and secreted glycoproteins. Currently, researchers in her group focus on understanding the functions of protein modifications in biology and human diseases.

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  • Member:Jun Qu(Past-Chair)

    Jun Qu is a professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of SUNY-Buffalo and the group leader of the Proteomics and Pharmaceutical Analysis lab in New York Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences. His research is focused on the characterization

    of protein biotherapeutics and Clinical/Pharmaceutical Proteomics using novel LC/MS-based strategies.  His research programs include i) highly sensitive and accurate investigation of biotherapeutics/markers/targets in pharmaceutical and clinical systems using innovative LC/MS approaches; ii) high-resolution and large-scale expression profiling of pathological proteomes using MS1-based proteomic methods; and iii) Sensitive identification, localization and quantification of post-translational modifications in tissue proteomes. His group is one of the current world leaders in LC-MS-based study of biotherapeutics in pre-clinical models and has >110 peer reviewed publications and >60 grants funded as PI or co-I.

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