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The Second Global Chinese Mass Spectrometry Conference

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Over the past few years, it has been witnessed significant advances in instrumentation and implementation of mass spectrometry (MS) in many research fields. It is essential to provide a unique congress for interdisciplinary interaction and networking to update the current advances and future trends.
The new International Conference Hall at the Academia Sinica campus in Taipei.
TSMS President Prof. Maw-Rong Lee welcomes conference participants.In 2008, the second Glabol Chinese Mass Spectrometry Conference in conjunction with the Taiwan Society of Mass Spectrometry (TSMS) annual meeting was organized by the TSMS local organizing committee with the assistance of Chinese Mass Spectrometry Society (CMSS) and Chinese American Society for Mass Spectrometry (CASMS). The conference was held at the new International Conference Halls on the Academia Sinica campus in Taipei, Taiwan from June 26th to 30th. This conference has been geared toward a diverse base of topics from novel MS techniques, inorganic and material MS, chemicals and drug analysis, biomedical MS, environmental analysis and proteomics. We assembled a CASMS delegation through invitation, abstract submission, and review selection. The delegation contains total 18 members, 14 academic members and 4 industry members.
CASMS President Rong Wang thanks TSMS local organizers for the joint conference in Taiwan.The conference started with a Welcome speech by TSMS President Prof. Maw-Rong Lee. More than 30 invited speakers from China, U.S.A., Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan presented their work and shared their experiences in six symposia with broad topics covering from Proteomics – new methodology, ESI interface, MALDI sample preparation and next generation MS, to cell signaling and pathways, posttranslational modifications, proteomics and diseases, peptide and reptidomics, drug metabolism, and small molecules by LC/MS. Dr. Rong Wang from the CASMS delegation delivered a joint-panel presentation on MS-based investigation of cell signaling pathways in Alzheimer’s disease.

At the end of two-day symposia, the conference attendees participate an active round-table discussion led by a panel of scientists, including (left to right in order) Rong Wang and Jianjun Li of CASMS delegation, Zongwei Cai of Hong Kong MS society, TSMS President Prof. Lee, Zhong Da-Fang and Liu Zhi-Qiang from China MS Society, and Prof. Her of Taiwan Nat’l University, for the Workshop on the scientific exchange and future development of Chinese societies of mass spectrometry worldwide.
Round-table discussion on scientific exchange and development of Chinese societies of MS worldwide.
Over 200 posters along with vendor booths were displayed outside the meeting halls. Total 536 people attended this conference, which set the new record both in TSMS annual meeting and in the Glabol Chinese Mass Spectrometry Conference. The participants of this joint symposium enjoy the excitement of the dynamic knowledge exchange in the MS community. CASMS thanks the local organizing committee for their contributions to the great event. (Prepared by Zezong)
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