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2018 CASMS Networking Night
Publish Date:2018/06/24   |   Click:2379

2018 CASMS Networking Night

The 66th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics was held at the San Diego Convention Center from June 3-7, 2018. As in previous years, the Chinese American Society for Mass Spectrometry (CASMS) successfully held the Monday Networking Night. This event is intended to not only promote academic and social interaction among senior Chinese MS professionals, who are leading researchers in various sectors of academia and industry, but also to improve collaboration among our CASMS community.


The CASMS Monday Networking Event

This year’s Networking Night was held on the evening of Monday, June 4th, 2018 at the Smoking Gun restaurant near the San Diego Convention Center. This Networking Night was sponsored by ScieX, and organized by the CASMS Member Connection Committee, which includes Mingshe Zhu (MassDefect Technologies) and Hui Zhang (Johns Hopkins University) as co-chair, and its members Li Pan (WuXi AppTec), Bingming Chen (Merck), Shuang Yang (FDA), Yu Feng (UW-Madison) and Jie Pu (SUNY-Buffalo). More than 100 MS experts and professionals attended the event and enjoyed the night. They acquainted with each other, caught up with old friends and met new friends, developed social networking and discussed new technologies and applications. 


Professor Hui Zhang from John Hopkins University. Professor Andy Tao from Purdue University.


In the middle of the event, Dr. Hui Zhang on the behave of the CASMS Member Connection Committe, gave a welcome remark. She applauded the tremendous team efforts that the Member Connections Committee has put in to organize this event. Then, she specially thanked Sciex for strongly supporting the event for the third consecutive year.

Dr. Andy Tao, the President of CASMS Executive Committee, then extended a warm welcome to special guests traveling around the globe from the mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions. He commented  that it was an excellent forum to make new connections and renew friendships among senior leaders and researchers in both academia and industry. He hoped that the networking event would provide a great venue to encourage more social interactions and create more opportunities to explore research collaborations at multiple levels. Ms. Inese Lowenstein, the president of ScieX, also congratulated the CASMS community for its contribution to mass spectrometry science and technology. 

The networking event lasted for 3 hours and more than 100 MS experts and professionals enjoyed the night. We hope to see all of you and new friends to join the Monday Networking Night at Atlanta next year during 2019 ASMS! 


More pictures could be found at the original PDF report.

2018 CASMS Networking Night Report-Monday.pdf

Reported/Compiled by Member Connections Committee (Pan Li, Jie Pu, Mingshe Zhu)

Posted by CASMS Digital Commitee

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