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2018 CASMS Round-table Discussions post-Annual General Meeting
Publish Date:2018/06/24   |   Click:2130

2018 CASMS Round-table Discussions post-Annual General Meeting 

The Chinese American Society for Mass Spectrometry (CASMS) hosted a very successful banquet for 350 members and guests on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 at the Westin Gaslamp Quarter Hotel Ballroom in San Diego, CA. In an effort to make the annual dinner meeting more attractive and better serve the CASMS members, it was decided at Monday afternoon’s extended Board of Directors’ meeting to offer people who are interested an after dinner networking opportunity, with three table groups for industry, academia and opportunity in China, led by Dr. Karen Wang, Dr. Lingjun Li and Dr. Rong Wang, respectively. 

Karen hosted the table for industry. 14 people attended, ranging from graduate students, postdocs, staff scientists in academia, to scientists in industry from junior to senior levels. Group started roundtable sharing background and questions of interests. It’s followed by experience sharing and discussions on four main areas of interests from the group: (1) What can I do as a graduate student or a postdoc to better prepare myself for an industry job? (2) How to have a successful interview? (3) How to have a successful career in industry? (4) I am experiencing a glass ceiling working in industry. What should I do? The group had good interactive discussions. People shared experiences and learnings, not only successes but also failures and what they did to overcome the challenges. Feedbacks were positive. People learned a lot. Good networking, and would appreciate such opportunity in the future.


For the “Career opportunities in academia” discussion group, we had five people including two young PIs, two postdocs, and one senior graduate student.  We discussed the following topics: (1) How to prepare for academic job application and interview? (2) As a mass spectrometrist, what is the pros and cons for applying a faculty position in Chemistry department versus medical school or other interdisciplinary program? (3) As a PI, how do I manage multiple tasks more efficiently such as mentoring graduate students, teaching, publishing and writing grants? (4) How did you get started on your proposal?  How did you decide on the scope?  How did you prioritize your ideas, and decide what to send which funding agency? 


In the “Career Opportunities in China” group led by CASMS Board of Director Dr. Rong Wang, there are two senior Ph.D. students, a Postdoc, and a Staff Scientist. The major questions discussed were: (1) For academic track, if not qualified to “Young Talent - 1000 Plan”, what is my best chance? (2) For newly graduate, what kind of job can I find in China, both academic and industry? (3) For specific geographic location, for examples, Beijing or Shanghai, where can I find job opportunity? (4) Most analytical laboratories are core facility, how can I continue my research with mass spectrometry? Dr. Rong Wang shared his WeChat account for them to contact me if they have further questions.


Such after-dinner activities obtained positive feedbacks for future annual CASMS event. It could help more people and have greater impact if we are more organized and have multiple “panelists” to lead the discussion groups. Many attendees stayed till about 10 PM.

Reported by Karen Wang/Lingjun Li/Rong Wang/Compiled by Zezong Gu

Posted by CASMS Digital Commitee

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