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2018 CASMS Annual General Meeting and Dinner Event in San Diego
Publish Date:2018/08/08   |   Click:2270

2018 CASMS Annual General Meeting and Dinner Event in San Diego

The Chinese American Society for Mass Spectrometry (CASMS) hosted a very successful banquet for 350 members and guests on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 at the Westin Gaslamp Quarter Hotel Ballroom in San Diego, CA. 

This Tuesday evening event started with a reception in Ballroom A at 5:45 PM and attendees were served with one free drink.  Many people showed up at the reception and the gathering was interactive and relaxing. 


The spacious ballroom next to the Banquet Ballroom provided an excellent venue for lively interactions among the attendees.  The evening banquet featuring a 4-course meal with red wine started at 7 PM.  During the banquet, the annual general meeting (AGM) of CASMS was held.  

  • Dr. Lan Huang served as the program chair, with the assistance of Drs. Yue Chen and Zhibo Yang to coordinate the event.  Dr. Lan Huang was the Master of Ceremony for the official AGM program and started the program by giving a welcome speech and expressed CASMS’s gratitude to all the sponsors for their strong and continuous support.  

  • Dr. Andy Tao, President of CASMS, then presented the President’s Annual Report. He stated the contributions of all CASMS committees in various CASMS activities and thanked them for their efforts and great work.  He mentioned the upcoming 7thWCMSC this July in Taiwan.  In addition, Dr. Tao announced the retirement of Drs. Huayi Tong and Shida Shen as Members of the Board of Directors and expressed special thanks for their great contributions and long-term service to the CASMS community.  He announced that Drs. Lingjun Li and Karen Wang will serve as the Chair and Vice-Chair for the Board of Directors, respectively. Next, he introduced our Platinum Sponsors and invited them to give a speech on the stage.  

  • Dr. Shouxun Zhao, Treasurer, gave a financial report and thanked the fundraising committee for doing an outstanding work.  

  • Dr. Liang Li, President-Elect, introduced the Gold Sponsors and invited them to give a short speech on the stage.  

  • Dr. Lingjun Li, Immediate Past President, introduced the Silver Sponsors, followed by the introduction of the Copper Sponsors by Dr. Junmin Peng, Co-Chair of Fundraising Committee.  

  • Dr. Tao acknowledged our sister MS societies (Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan).  

  • Finally, Dr. Lan Huang gave the closing remarks for the event and also thanked all sponsors again for their support, the members of the Tuesday Event Organization Committee for their hard work for organizing and staging the event, and student volunteers for their help during the event.  The AGM program ended around 8:40 PM.

To provide an opportunity for additional networking and career advice sharing among CASMS members, three round-table discussion groups were formulated after the dinner program, including a table for career in industry led by Dr. Karen Wang, a table for academia led by Dr. Lingjun Li and a table for career opportunities in China led by Dr. Rong Wang. Such after-dinner activities obtained positive feedbacks and will be continued in the future annual CASMS event. Many attendees stayed till about 10 PM.


CASMS Board of Directors and Executive Team members with some CASMS members at the end of the Tuesday AGM evening.

For more information about 2018 CASMS events, please visit (http://www.casms.org/?action=viewevent&nid=115) for Monday Networking Night event; (http://www.casms.org/?action=viewevent&nid=116) for Round-table Discussions post-Annual General Meeting, and (http://www.casms.org/?action=viewevent&nid=117) for CASMS Hosted 2018 Faculty Luncheon.

Reported by Lan Huang/Zezong Gu

Posted by CASMS Digital Committee

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