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Creation of the new CASMS WeChat Groups
Publish Date:2018/08/08   |   Click:1762

Announcement on the creation of new CASMS WeChat Groups

CASMS is embracing the rapid evolving world with internet highway and digital revolution. Since members change their email addresses when they graduate or get a new job, currently the communication within the society and connections among members mainly rely on WeChat. Accordingly, we initially created several WeChat Groups including small molecules, macromolecules, bioinformatics, glycomics, bioanalysis and so on, based on members’ research interests. While these groups have bound us together more efficiently and facilitated the growth of our society, we have realized its main shortcomings: Most members joined more than one WeChat groups based on their choices of interest and therefore they received the same information from CASMS committees repeatedly.  It is also difficult for us to estimate the size of our society. More importantly, due to current limitation on the WeChat Group members, we were not able to add new members to existing WeChat Groups, effectively hampering the growth of our society in the long run. 

CASMS EC and BD members have held the discussion on this topic to resolve this issue and we have come to the following solution: 

  1. New CASMS WeChat groups, 美国华人质谱学会群(一、二、三、, will be created purely for member connections and communication.Each CASMS member only needs to join one of the WeChat groups. In doing so, we hope existing members will be able to introduce new students and new colleagues to join one of the new WeChat Groups. 

  2. All CASMS related news and announcement will be propagated in these new WeChat groups and through the CASMS Public Account (美国华人质谱学会公众号). The current policy for governing CASMS WeChat groups will still apply and we expect members to continue using existing WeChat Groups for scientific discussion and communications. 

We also strongly encourage every member to subscribe to our CASMS Public Account which broadcasts CASMS News, Announcement, Research Highlights, and Career Opportunities through its monthly newsletter on the 10th every month. 

Posted by CASMS Digital Committee

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