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2018 iConference on Mass Spectrometry

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2018 iConference on Mass Spectrometry

CASMS, in collaboration with (仪器信息网), will hold a special webinar on Dec. 3, 2018 (Beijing Time) to kick off the iCMS 2018. The webinar attempts to introduce frontiers in mass spectrometry, prompt the influence of our society in China, and provide an interacting platform among MS researchers around the world. The webinar will start with a brief introduction of CASMS by our current president, Prof. W. Andy Tao from Purdue University, followed by research presentations by six experts (most of them are current and former CASMS executive members), including Dr. Mingshe Zhu from MassDefect Technologies, Prof. Ju Qu from State University of New York-Buffalo, Prof. Junmin Peng from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Prof. Yonghao Yu from UT-Southwestern Medical Center, Prof. Si Wu from University of Oklahoma, and Prof. Yingsheng Wang from UC-Riverside.

Here is further information on the webinar and iCMS 2018. 


美国华人质谱学会专场, iCMS-2018

陶纬国Purdue University介绍学会和几位报告人
朱明社MassDefect Technologies发现和鉴定体内中药代谢物和其它未知外来性化学物的质谱新技术
彭隽敏St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital高通量质谱在基础和临床研究中的应用
余永豪UT-Southwestern Medical Center基于质谱的大规模蛋白翻译后的分析:方法学的开发和功能的研究
吴思University of Oklahoma基于TMT标记的高通量定量整体蛋白组学研究

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