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Seeking Industry Career at the Tuesday Roundtable Discussions during ASMS 2019 in Atlanta

Publish Date:2019/06/13   |   Click:1440

Seeking Industry Career at the Tuesday Roundtable Discussions during ASMS 2019 in Atlanta

About 40 people attended the after dinner round-table discussion on Tuesday, on industry topics. The discussion started with an introduction of each attendee, including questions of interests to learn or to share experience on. The attendees included ~ a small number of young graduate students (1st or 2nd year), a large number of senior graduate students (4th or 5th year) and postdocs, a fair number of people working in industry with a few years of experience, and a fair number of seasoned professionals working in industry. The industries included instrument vendors, CROs, small biotech, large pharma, and chemical /consumer product companies. The questions people had included - How do I shape my research experience to help me find an industry job in the future? My research is very academic, not industry friendly, what should I do to change? Resume preparation? Interviews? Landing a first job? Career development in industry? Leadership development? Common challenges working in industry? Working in large company vs. small company?

Key learnings from the discussions and experiences people shared:

  • Talk to people working in industry, understand industry jobs, and accumulate relevant experience. Use intern, postdoc, or start in small company or CROs to learn and accumulate experience needed for the jobs you are passionate about.

  • Ask people to have a look at your resume and provide feedbacks. Follow up with hiring manager for feedbacks even not getting a job offer. They could provide feedbacks that are very helpful. People care.

  • Prepare for interview, research on company, group and people on the interview team.

  • Broaden the job search, especially for the first job, since a lot of pharma companies may not support H1 visa application. CROs and instrument vendors can be a good starting job.

  • Be flexible, don’t insist on doing things you want and know how. Industry jobs can be a lot of learning, using different techniques to solve problems.

  • Working in industry, to break the glass ceiling, identify problems, take the lead, and solve bigger problems without formal authority or title.

  • Not afraid of changing jobs, learning and accumulating experience, learn what you like the most and eventually do what you like.

Post discussion, some people exchanged communication info to connect after the ASMS.





Reported by Karen Wang/Naidong Weng

Photos by Zezong Gu


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