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Female Scientist Networking Group at the Tuesday Roundtable Discussions during ASMS 2019 in Atlanta

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Female Scientist Networking Group at the Tuesday Roundtable Discussions during ASMS 2019 in Atlanta

About 12 female scientists attended the after dinner round-table discussion on Tuesday, to discuss about topics that are of interest to female graduate students and postdocs. The discussion started with an introduction of each attendee, including questions of interests to learn or to share experience on. The attendees included a mixture of graduate students and postdocs and female professors from the US (Profs. Lan Huang, Lingjun Li, Hui Zhang, and Si Wu) and mainland China (Prof. Hui Ye).  The group asked the professors to share their personal experience, educational background, graduate school and postdoctoral training experience, and what it takes to become successful.  Other questions included how to build self-confidence?  What kind of CV would be needed to land a faculty job?  How to balance work and family?  Each person shared their own life stories and experience.  Despite the very diverse and distinct experiences, there are a few things seem to be common among all the successful PIs attended this group discussion:

·         Regardless your career goal is in academia or industry, always strive to do your best and build a strong CV that is competitive.  That way, when the opportunity comes you can seize that opportunity.  It is interesting to note that most of the professors did not think they can make it or were set on academic career path when they were in graduate school.  But they put their best effort in their projects so they each had a competitive profile when they went on the market.

·         In order to be successful in your academic career (especially for female), strong family support is very important.

·         It is important to make connections and build network to support each other.

·         Don’t let other people tell you what you can do and what you cannot.  If you have the ambition and dream, follow your heart and keep trying.



Reported by Lingjun Li

Photo by Zezong Gu

(posted on 7/13/2019)

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