Chinese American Society for Mass Spectrometry

Workshop: Career and Collaboration Opportunities in China

Publish Date:2019/12/04   |   Click:492

In this year’s ASMS workshop on Career and Collaboration Opportunities in China, we invited three speakers to share their experiences and perspectives on the development of scientific career as a mass spectrometrist in China. A large audience of more than 50 people attended the workshop. Dr. Tiannan Guo, Assistant Professor from Westlake University, gave a very comprehensive presentation about the establishment of Westlake University and emerging research opportunities, and also commented on the current status of mass spectrometry and proteomics research in China. Dr. Zhiyu Li, Associate Director from WuXi AppTec, provided her thoughts on how working in China benefits her career development and offers her chances for self-improvement. She also shared with the audience the differences of personal life in China vs.  US. Dr. Rong Wang, Chief Technology Officer from BGI Genomics, introduced how mass spectrometry research prospers in China during the last few years and talked about his path from a tenured faculty to the current industrial position. Q & A sections were also held by the end of each presentation. Moreover, a panel discussion was also organized after the three presentations for the audience to exchange their thoughts and concerns with the panelists. The panel discussion was joined by three additional panelists, Dr. Yu Xia (Tsinghua University), Dr. Jiang Zhou (Peking University), and Dr. Pengyuan Yang (Fudan University). In summary, the workshop was held successfully with very good attendance and participance.

Workshop organizers: Jun Qu, Liang Li

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