Chinese American Society for Mass Spectrometry

CASMS President Liang Li Inducted into the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) on November 22, 2019

Publish Date:2020/02/25   |   Click:80

Our own president Liang Li, a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Alberta, was inducted into the RSC class of 2019. RSC is the oldest (since 1882) and most prestigious scholarly institute in Canada. New fellows are elected by their peers for their outstanding scholarly, scientific and artistic achievement. Professor Li was recognized for his contributions in developing ground-breaking techniques for advancing proteomics and metabolomics research using mass spectrometry.  He is a pioneer in creating metabolomics tool for comprehensive analysis of small molecules with transformational impact in disease biomarker discovery and biology studies.  His innovative analytical tools, embodied in commercial products, advance the life sciences.


Congratulations, CASMS President Dr. Liang Li!


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