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CASMS Board Members Celebrate Holiday at NYC
Publish Date:2010/01/11   |   Click:6499

During Thanksgiving break, CASMS trustees and board directors Huayi Tong, Rong Wang, Ada Kong and Shouxun Zhao in Greater New York City (NYC) area gathered at Yun Tian Lou Restaurant (云天楼海鲜酒家) at Flushing on November 28th, 2009 for holiday celebration.  They brought from other members of the CASMS Trustees and the Board of Directors a number of agenda for discussion, and made several suggestions regarding to newly designed CASMS website (www.casms.org) and for CASMS operations.  

Regarding to the CASMS website: (1) Emeritus President Ted Chang made significant contributions to the Society. Since he has already retired from Cytek, this needs to be updated for his profile information on the CASMS website. (2) Some of the board member and trustee members’ profile information may be lost. It is suggested that each board member and trustee member should save his/her personal profile information and update the information if needed. Please send the updated and correct information to CASMS Webmaster Zezong for him to post on the CASMS website. Please look up your photo. If you don't like it, mail a new one to Zezong. (3) Following Karen’s suggestion for the CASMS Website Forum, it is suggested that CASMS President Jianjun and Rong may organize a teleconference to identify volunteers to lead various discussion topics, such as proteomics, small molecule identification or quantification, etc. (4) Member registration and search functions on the CASMS website are working properly. Please take a minute for member online registration at the CASMS website. (5) Announcement for our upcoming annual meeting can be made on CASMS website. Athough we do not have a place for our meeting yet, we can let our members aware of the 2010 CASMS Annual General Meeting will be held on May 25, 2010, at 6:00 PM in Salt Lake City, UT.

Regarding to CASMS operations: (1) Tax needs to be filed for CASMS as a non-profit organization. After comparing pros and cons between the cost of hiring a professional accountant and do-it-by-us, Rong volunteered to lead this effort. (2) Since CASMS is registered in NYC area, it is suggested that new treasurer should be a board member in the NYC area. It is suggested that Shouxun may temporarily hold this position. It is also discussed to further extend number of board of directors in future terms to share the workload and lead discussion groups. A new treasurer or secretary may be elected as a board member next year. (3) The 2010 ASMS annual conference will be held in Salt Lake City (SLC), we may not be able to find a Chinese restaurant in SLC bigger enough to host the CASMS annual traditional Tuesday dinner. It is suggested that we may contact University of Utah (UU), and use UU facility. (4) It is needed to promote CASMS collaboration with Chinese organizations, governments or companies, especially the emerging instrument manufacturers in China. (5) Fund-raising in US is critical. It is suggested that Yingying may take the lead. We need to start working on sponsorship for the 2010 CASMS General Meeting and Tuesday Night Dinner immediately. (6) To organize more CASMS networking activities and have more job postings on CASMS website is needed to attract more members. We may invite our colleagues of either academics or industry to post relevant job opportunities on CASMS website. Please contact Zezong for job postings.

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