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CASMS Boards Teleconference (01/11/2010)
Publish Date:2010/04/18   |   Click:10582



Held on the Jan. 11, 2010, from 7:00 pm to 10:26 pm (East time)


Prepared by Jianjun Li




Board Members: Jianjun Li, Rong Wang, Karen Wang, Xianlin Han, Zezong Gu, Yingying Huang, Shouxun Zhao

Board of Trustees: Huayi Tong, Shida Shen

Issues discussed:

1. Review and finalize the location of 2010 CASMS annual general meeting (AGM)


Organizing committee----leader: Jianjun Li

The board members agree on the formation of such an organizing committee to prepare the 2010 CASMS AGM. The committee consists of all board members, Rong Wang, Karen Wang, Xianlin Han, Zezong Gu, Yingying Huang, Shouxun Zhao, Lingjun Li, Shen Hu, and leaded by Jianjun Li. In addition, members for sub-committees were nominated:

Dinner menu: Jianjun, Ada, Huayi

Facility: Rong, Yingying

Transportation: Shouxun, Shen


Board member meeting---- leader: Jianjun Li

The 2010 Board member meeting is scheduled on 8:30 pm (local time), May 23, 2010, at New Golden Dragon.


Workshop on professional development----leader: Karen Wang

Karen will organize the workshop. In additional to provide helps on how to prepare job interview, it is also recommended to include:

Professional ethics

Grant application

Background build-up

2. Website update and Forum


Front page

It has been agreed that the front page of CASMS website should be updated timely with news, events, sponsor information, and other useful links.



Subgroups for Forum

Xianlin proposed to form several subgroups responsible to different themes and the leader of each subgroup has been nominated.

Proteomics: Liang Li


Rong will help Zezong for the task.

Lipidomics: Xianlin HanNucleotide: Yingshen Wang

Metabolomic: Xianlin Han


Instrument: Shida Shen

Pharmaceutical: Karen Wang and Huayi Tong


Once the nomination approved, Jianjun will send invitation letters to Liang Li and Yingshen Wang for their contributions.

3. Selection of CASMS delegates for the third ICCMS


Selection of Board members

The meeting has approved the motion that all board members are encouraged to attend the meeting as invited attendees. The tentative delegates from the Board are Huayi Tong, Shida Shen, Jianjun Li, Rong Wang, Karen Wang, Xianlin Han, Zezong Gu, Lingjun Li, Yingying Huang, Shouxun Zhao. Due to other commitment, Ada Kong and Shen Hu will not able to attend the meeting. In addition, Sam Hsu would like to participate. However, his final decision would depend on what happened in the next few months.


Selection of abstracts----Lingjun, Xianlin

Jianjun will draft the invitation letter to all CASMS members for submitting abstracts. Lingjun and Xianlin will lead abstract selection process, including report the scores and recommend a list for approval by Feb. 4, 2010.


Approval the list provided by CASMS

The list selected from abstract competition will need approval from CASMS Board. Board members will vote via email and the voting date is scheduled on Feb. 5-8. Jianjun will provide the final list of CASMS delegates to the third WCMSC on Feb. 9, 2010.

Jianjun will call the third WCMSC organizing committee for deadline extension.

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