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Home> Events> The 3rd International Chinese Symposium on Mass Spectrometry (ICSMS) Held in late July, 2010 at Changchun of North China
The 3rd International Chinese Symposium on Mass Spectrometry (ICSMS) Held in late July, 2010 at Changchun of North China
Publish Date:2010/12/28   |   Click:7817

The 3rd ICMSC Photo

The 3rd International Chinese Symposium on Mass Spectrometry (ICSMS)
Held in late July, 2010 at Changchun of North China
[08/01/2010] About 550 Chinese mass spectromists from Mainland China, North America, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore got together for the two and half days of the Third International Chinese Symposium on Mass Spectrometry (ICSMS) joint with the 2010 China Mass Spectrometry Society (CMSS) Annual Meeting held at the International Conference and Expo Center at Changchun, Jilin Province of China from July 30th to August 1st, 2010. ICSMS aims at advancing, promoting, and facilitating communications among Chinese mass spectrometrists; and for promoting and advancing mass spectrometry and its applications among Chinese globally. 
As a co-organizer, Chinese American Society for Mass Spectrometry (CASMS) is responsible in assembling a delegation, formed by the selection of CASMS members based on abstract competition and some board members. In late February 2010, CASMS sent an invitation letter for abstract submission. We received a total of 40 abstracts. After reviewing process led by Professors Lingjun Li and Xianlin Han, and consulting with the ICSMS local organizers, we selected a delegation of 23 members from academics, instruments and pharmaceutical companies to present at this conference (please see the attendee and their presentation title in the appendix).
The ICSMS officially started on July 30th 2010, with the opening remarks by the CMSS President, Dr. Jinying Li. Dr. Li welcomes everyone and appreciated the participation of CASMS, Taiwan Society for Mass Spectrometry (TSMS), Hong Kong Society of Mass Spectrometry (HKSMS).
The presentations of CASMS delegates were of excellent quality and well received. The meeting attendees were very impressed by the achievements of CASMS members and appreciated the opportunity of learning and discussing mass spectrometry related technologies. On the last day of the conference, CASMS delegates had a chance to take a picture with a background of beautiful Changbai Shan (incomplete). The additional item worthy of noting is that we were provided an opportunity of two-day sightseeing to Changbai Shan.
Finally, but most importantly, we thrilled by a warm, welcoming atmosphere; a friendly, caring staff ready to accommodate our every need; treatments that hard to forget for the years to come. We own a big thank to the Changchun local organizers, volunteers for their hard work during the conference. In addition, we appreciate the contributions from the colleagues of mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and overseas.
The last note worthy of mentioning is that the 4th ICSMS has been scheduled to be held in the summer of 2012 at southwest China. Dr. Karen Wang will lead selection of CASMS delegation and co-organizing the meeting. Once the date and location are finalized, we will post them in CASMS website. We invite you to visit www.casms.org regularly and encourage you to participate in the coming ICSMS. (Z. Gu and J. Li)

Appendix: List of CASMS delegates (July, 2010)




Shen, Shida



A High Resolving Power and Mass Accuracy Time-Of-Flight MS for Rapid Detection and Identification of Microorganisms

Wang, Rong


The Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Fragmentation of Large Peptides Under Different Dissociation Conditions

Chen, Xian


University of North Carolina-Chaple Hill

Systems Dissection of Signal Transduction by Using Quantitative Proteomics

Li, Liang


U. of Alberta

Development of LC/MS Techniques for Comprehensive Metabolome Analysis

Zhao, Yingming

U. of Chicago

Discovery of Novel Biochemical Pathways Using Proteomics Approaches

Han, Xianlin


Washington U.

New Development of MALDI-MS on lipid analysis

Wang, Karen


Application of Mass Spectrometry in Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery Research

Hsu, Chang Samuel

Florida State U.

Petroleomics: Composition/Structure relationship with Properties/Performance of Petroleum and its Fractions

Li, Lingjun


U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Probing Neuronal Communication via Novel Mass Spectral Strategies

Gu, Zezong


U. of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine

Quantitative Profiling of S-Nitrosylated Proteins in Parkinson’s Disease Paradigms with the Effects of Botanical Phenolics

Feng, Xidong


Structure Elucidation of Natural Product Cyclic Peptides with Labile Side-Chain Modifications Using CID, IRMPD and ECD FTMS/MS

Li, Xing-Fang

U. of Alberta

Mass Spectrometry Techniques for Discovery of Carcinogens in Drinking Water and Studies of Health Effects

Le, Chris

U. of Alberta

Mass spectrometry and affinity chromatography techniques for studying arsenic-binding proteins in human cells

Tao, Andy


Purdue University

In-Depth Phosphoproteome Analyses Using PolyMAC

Yang, Kui

Washington U.

Identification and quantitation of polyunsaturated fatty acid isomers by electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry

Guan, Shengheng

UC-San Francisco

Characterization of mammalian proteomic dynamics by stable isotope metabolic labeling

Wang, Daojing

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Lab-on-a-chip for Proteomics

Chen, David

U. of British Columbia

High Performance Automated Capillary Electrophoresis Mass Spectrometry

Wang, Yinsheng


UC Riverside

Mass Spectrometry for the Structure Elucidation, Quantification, and Replication/repair Studies of DNA Modifications

Li, Jianjun


National Research Council

Derivatization strategies for Glycomics


Huang, Yingying

Thermo Scientific

Metabolite Detection and Identification Using Fragment Ion Search in Conjunction with Automated Fragment Prediction

Ding, Shi-jian

U. of Nebraska Medical Center

A site-specific proteomic approach for studying protein S-nitrosylation

Chen, Ray


ThermoFisher Scientific

no presentation

Liao, Qing

Northeastern U.

Mass spectrometric analysis with advanced computational screening of DNA adducts for investigation of mutions hotspots ni genes



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