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2011 CASMS Career Development Workshop
Publish Date:2011/06/14   |   Click:6110

 2011 CASMS Career Development Workshop


With the success and popularity in the past two years for our workshop in professional development, this year’s workshop focused on “How to Prepare Yourself for a Successful Career”, which was held at the Mattie Silks Conference Room of Marriott Denver City Center, Denver, Colorado at noon of June 8, 2011. The workshop planning committee chair Dr. Xianlin Han opened the workshop with an introduction of the five distinguished panel speakers, including two from industry sector, two from academia and one from China. The speakers then each shared their career experience with the audience.

Dr. Meng-Qiu Dong, an Assistant Investigator from the National Institute of Biological Sciences in Beijing, talked about research environment and provided information on funding opportunities in China.

As a Principal Scientist at Pfizer Dr. Chengjie Ji shared his own experience at Big Pharm. After taking his first position in the company, he applied his knowledge and expertise to a new application area and as a result the contribution and impact have been well recognized by his supervisor and peers.

With over 20 years of industrial experience, Dr. Naidong Weng, director of the Global Preclinical Development and head of East Coast US Bioanalysis at Johnson & Johnson, described the key characteristics, in order to run marathon or to achieve high performance and sustain, for a scientist― sprint, cross-training and endurance. He pointed out that self-motivation, cross-training, work-life balance are some of the keys for scientists working in the industry setting. He also advised to try to get involved in high profile/high impact projects to gain visibility and demonstrate capability for teamwork.

Dr. Lan Huang, an Associate Professor at the UC-Irvine and an ASMS Committee member, emphasized that effective communication skills, dedication, and net-working are critical; getting support from family, is especially important to female scientists. “Set a goal and plan to work on it, do your best, find solutions, and then make a record,” she said, “being proactive and persistent are equally important.”

Dr. Xian Chen, an Associate Professor from the University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill and the 1999 recipient of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) named by President Clinton, told the story of Nobel laureate Dr. Tsung Dao Lee about “passion to science”, appreciated the beauty of science and built a career with dreams – as the driving force in one’s life. He also pointed out “活着(Live) ≠ 生活 (Life)”, “中国制造(Made in China) → 中国[人]创造 (Created by Chinese)”, as well as being confident and pursuing one’s dreams.

After sharing their experiences, the guest speakers answered questions from the audience and stayed a while to interact with the attendees. There were over 50 participants from academia, government, and industry. CASMS organizers thank the financial support from Waters for the workshop. (Reported by Shawn Zhao and Zezong Gu)

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