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Find MS-related job opportunities at CASMS

Publish Date:2014/07/02   |   Click:3089

Thank the CASMS sponsors, here are MS-related job opportunities:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific:
  1. Title: Product Manager Bioinformatics/Omics Software; Location: San Jose, CA
  2. Title: Senior Scientist, Research and Development; Location: San Jose, CA
  3. Title: Strategic Marketing Specialist
  4. Title: Sales Representative; Location: Western Canada
  • Shimadzu China:
  1. Several Mass Spectrometry Application Research Chemist positions are available in Beijing, China
  • PTM Biolabs:
  1. Title: Directors/Senior Scientists, Proteomics; Location: Hangzhou, China
  2. Title: Directors/Senior Scientists, Bioinformatics; Location: Hangzhou, China
  3. Title: Sales Account Representative; Location: San Francisco, CA

For more detailed info, please contact the CASMS Member Professional Development Committee Chair Dr. Yinsheng Wang (

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