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CASMS 2015 Annual General Meeting and Dinner Event Held at St. Louis
Publish Date:2015/08/12   |   Click:5157


The 2015 annual general meeting (AGM) of the CASMS and dinner were held on Tuesday, June 2 at Mandarin House (京园) Banquet Hall, St. Louis. There were close to 400 attendees for this evening event, including 50 invited guests representing our sponsors, sister societies at the greater China region and the subcommittees of CASMS. The venue was one of the best for staging the CASMS annual event.




The AGM dinner started with a brief reception at 6 PM while waiting for buses bringing the attendees from the Convention Center to the Banquet Hall. Seating started around 6:30 PM. The official program commenced at 7:30 PM and completed at 8:30 PM. The attendees stayed around till about 9:30 PM. Dr. Liang Li served as the host of the event. Dr. Zezong Gu prepared the slide show for the program.



Dr. Xianlin Han, President of CASMS, started the meeting by giving a brief welcome speech, followed by the President's Annual Report. He highlighted some of the major accomplishments made in Year 2015 and cheered the crowd with a toss. A number of impressive activities were organized and the society's newsletters were published frequently.



Dr. Han then introduced the Platinum Sponsors, AB Sciex, ThermoFisher and Waters, and invited each representative to give a 5-min speech. After the speeches, Dr. Shouxun Zhao, Treasurer of CASMS, was invited to the stage to give the Annual Financial Report. The account balance looked very healthy and Dr. Zhao attributed this mainly to the fund raising committee for their hard work to raise a record amount of funding in the last year.



Dr. Lingjun Li, the 2013-2015 President-Elect of CASMS, was then invited to introduce our Gold Sponsors, Bruker, ASPEC Technologies and Shimadzu, and invited each representative to give a 3-min speech.


Dr. Huayi Tong, Chair of the Board of Directors of CASMS, made an announcement on the selection of new CASMS President (Dr. Lingjun Li) and President-Elect (Dr. Andy Tao). Dr. Tong congratulated them and expressed appreciation, on behalf of the Board, for their willingness to serve our community.


Dr. Lan Huang, Chair of the Public Relation and Fundraising Committee, was invited to introduce our Silver Sponsors, Agilent, Frontage, Bioinformatics Solutions Inc., Promega, and PTM Biolabs, and invited each representative to say a few words about their company. Following this, Dr. Lingjun Li announced the selection of the new CASMS Executive Committee for 2015-17. She looked forward to working with new team to serve the community. Dr. Rong Wang, a member of the Public Relation and Fundraising Committee, was next to introduce our Copper Sponsors including Antpedia, Hexin MS, Mestrelab Research, and Sigma-Aldrich.


Dr. Lingjun Li was invited to the stage to send a congratulatory remark on behalf of CASMS to Dr. Yu Xia for her election to the ASMS board as secretary, Drs. Hao Chen, Lingjun Li and Zheng Ouyang for joining the editorial board of JASMS and Dr. Zhibo Yang for winning the ASMS Research Award in 2014.


Dr. Karen Wang, Past-President and a Member of the Board of Directors, was invited to present the Service Award to Dr. Xianlin Han, President of CASMS (2013-15), and Dr. Fanyu Meng, Chair of Member Connections Committee (2013-15). She expressed our appreciation, on behalf of the Board and CASMS community, for their dedication and hard work for serving our community. Next, Dr. Liang Li acknowledged the presence of guests and representatives from the greater China region at tonight's event, showed the websites of our sister MS societies in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and encouraged people to consider joining these societies should they return to these regions. 


Dr. Andy Tao, President-Elect of CASMS, was invited to introduce Dr. Tao Jiang, representative of Chinese American Chromatography Association (CACA) to give a 2-min speech to introduce their association to our members. The final agenda of the program was to announce job opening opportunities. Dr. Yinsheng Wang and Dr. Naidong Weng, Chair and Vice-Chair of the Members Professional Development Committee, were invited to announce the job openings. There were a number of job openings including those from some of our sponsors.






Finally, Dr. Liang Li made a few closing remarks. He thanked all the people including all the members of the leadership team of CASMS and the student volunteers for their help to make the program successful. The AGM ended around 8:30 PM and the attendees continued to enjoy the dinner and the rest of the evening. The overall program was well received.


Prior to the Tuesday AGM, The CASMS Board of Directors hosted its annual board meeting on June 1, 2015, Monday afternoon at the St. Louis Convention Center and went through various operations including the election of the Executive Committee (EC) for the 2015-2017 term, the CASMS 2015-2016 proposed activities and budgets, and the preparation of the 2015 AGM to ensure the success of the event.



(Reported by LL and compiled by ZG, 08.13.2015)

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