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第6届世界华人质谱研讨会 Scientific Program

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The 6th World Chinese Mass Spectrometry Conference

Scientific Program

June 4th, 2016, Saturday
La Quinta Inns & Suites San Antonio Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas



8:30     Registration (Saturday, June 4, 2016)


9:00     Opening Ceremony (MC: Liang Li, Co-Chair of Program Committee)


  •  Introduction to Conference Chair and Co-Chairs
  • Welcome Speech by Lingjun Li, Conference Chair and President of CASMS
  • Acknowledgement to all the sponsors by Lan Huang, Chair of Fundraising Committee
  • Brief Speech by representatives of supreme sponsors
  • Announcement of conference activities by Andy Tao, Co-Chair of Events Committee and President-elect of CASMS


9:20     Session 1: History, Current Status, and Future of the Chinese Mass Spectrometry Communities

(Panelist: Xianlin Han, Professor, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute) 


  •  潘远江 (Yuanjiang Pan), 教授, 浙江大
  • 廖寶琦 (Pao-Chi Liao), 特聘教授, 國立成功大學環境醫學研究
  • 何國榮 (Guor-Rong Her), 教授, 國立臺灣大學化學系
  • 姚鐘平(Zhongping Yao), Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • 李灵军 (Lingjun Li), Professor, University of Wisconsin
  • 王融 (Rong Wang), Professor, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


10:00   Session 2: Ambient MS and Applications

(Panelists: Huayi Tong, Head of Analytical North America, BASF; Yinsheng Wang, Professor, UC Riverside)


  • 陳浩 (Hao Chen), Associate Professor, Ohio University, “Capture transient electrochemical and organometallic reaction intermediates by mass spectrometry”
  • 栾天罡 (Tiangang Luan), 教授, 中山大学, “Coupling microextraction techniques with ambient mass spectrometry for environmental and biological analysis”
  • 謝建台 (Jentaie Shiea), 特聘教授, 國立中山大學化學系,“Ambient mass spectrometry for emergency management and pharmacokinetics”
  • 陳焕文 (Huanwen Chen), 教授, 东华理工大學, “复杂基体样品中能荷传递的调控方法
  • 刘志强 (Zhiqiang Liu), 研究员中科院长春应化所, “质谱技术在传统中药药效物质基础及作用机制研究中的应用


11:00   Break


11:15   Session 3: Sample Preparation Methods

(Panelists: Xian Chen, Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Zezong Gu, Associate Professor, University of Missouri School of Medicine)


  • 袁必锋 (Bifeng Yuan), 教授, 武汉大学Exploration of nucleic acid modifications by chemical labeling – mass spectrometry analysis
  • 陳逸然 (Yet-Ran Chen)Associate Research Fellow, Academia Sinica, “Development of Universal Signal Processing Platform for the OMICs of Plant Stress Biology”
  • 谢孟峡 (Mengxia Xie), 教授, 北京师范大學, “Application of mass spectrometry on the trace residue analysis in complex matrix”
  • 陳雲 (Wan Simon Chan), Assistant Professor, 香港科技大學, “Mass spectrometric analysis of carbon nanoparticles”
  • 陳淑慧 (Shu-Hui Chen), 特聘教授國立成功大學化學系Accessing higher order protein structure by top-down, bottom-up, and chemical labeling”


12:15   Lunch


13:45   Session 4: Proteomics – Method Development (Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Hanfa Zou)

(Panelists: 陳玉如 (Yu-Ju Chen), 研究員兼所長, 中央研究院化學研究所; Hui Zhang, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University)


  • Remembering 中科院大连化物所邹汉法 (Hanfa Zou研究员: colleagues and friends pay tributes to Professor Hanfa Zou
  • 叶明亮 (Mingliang Ye), 研究员, 中科院大连化物所, “Enzyme kinetics for complex system: make the PTM enzyme substrate screening turning from qualitative to quantitative”
  • 曲峻 (Jun Qu), Associate Professor, SUNY at Buffalo, “Towards sensitive and reliable protein quantification at both global and targeted levels”
  • 伍荣护 (Ronghu Wu), Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, “Systematic quantification of cell surface glycoproteins by mass spectrometry”
  • 葛瑛 (Ying Ge), Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, “Novel strategies in top-down proteomics”


14:45   Session 5: Proteomics – Applications (Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Hanfa Zou)

(Panelists: Lan Huang, Professor, UC Irvine; Chuan-Fa Chang, Associate Professor, National Cheng Kung University)


  • 杨福全 (Fuquan Yang), 研究员, 中科院生物物理, “Study on fatty acid induced insulin resistance of myoblasts using comparative proteomic strategy”
  • 彭隽敏 (Junmin Peng), Associate Professor, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, “High-throughput proteomics in cancer and Alzheimer’s disease”
  • 陳怡婷 (Yi Ting Chen), 助理教授, 長庚大學生物醫學系, “Multiplex quantification of cancer-associated proteins by targeted mass spectrometry in human body fluids for biomarker verification”
  • 张忠起 (Zhongqi Zhang), Scientific Director, Amgen, “Amgen workflow for protein structural characterization by MS”
  • 汪福意 (Fuyi Wang), 研究员, 中科院化学所, “Qualitative and quantitative MS strategies for investigation of interactions between metal-based anticancer complexes and proteins”


15:45   Break


16:00   Session 6: Fundamental Research and Instrumentation

(Panelists: Shida Shen, Vice Chair of the CASMS Board of Directorss; Zhibo Yang, Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma)


  • 蕭智傑 (Andy Chi Kit Siu), Associate Professor, 香港城市大學, “Examination of dissociative electron transfer of small sulfur-containing molecules in anionic hydrated clusters using density functional theory molecular dynamics”
  • 李茂榮 (Maw-Rong Lee), 特聘教授兼理學院院長, 國立中興大學化學系, “Golf-ball assisted electrospray ionization of mass spectrometry for determination of trace amino acids in complex samples”
  • 丁传凡 (Chuanfan Ding), 教授, 复旦大学, “The effects of higher order fields on the performance of linear ion trap”
  • 孔祥蕾 (Xianglei Kong), 教授, 南开大学, “IRPD Spectroscopy of metal cationized ions generated by MALDI source”
  • 吳志哲 (Chih-Che Wu), 副教授, 國立暨南大學應用化學, Efficient detection and identification of bacteria using fluorescent nanodiamond labeling and MALDI-TOF MS”


17:00   Session 7: Small Molecule Analysis

(Panelists: Ada Kong, Senior Forensic Chemist, the Federal Law Enforcement Agency; Shouxun Zhao, Group Leader, Analytics North America, BASF Corporation)


  • 暇瑜 (Yu Xia), Associate Professor, Purdue University, “Photochemical tagging for unsaturated lipid acids by mass spectrometry”
  • 王亦生 (Yi Sheng Wang), 研究員, 中央研究院基因體研究中心, “Improving efficiency of carbohydrate identification by back-end chemistry before mass analysis”
  • 朱正江 (Zhengjiang Zhu), 研究员, 中国科学院生物与化学交叉研究中心、上海有机化学研究所, “LC-MS based metabolomics for high-throughput screening of protein-metabolite interactions”
  • 翁乃栋 (Naidong Weng), Scientific Director and Janssen Fellow, Johnson & Johnson, Bioanalytical and clinical challenges for LCMS analysis of 4-beta hydroxyl cholesterol, an endogenous biomarker for P450 3A4”
  • 李楓 (Frank Li), CEO and President, Alliance Pharma, Inc., “LC-MS technology catalyzed the growth of analytical CRO”


18:00   Closing Ceremony (MC: Yinsheng Wang, Co-Chair of Program Committee)


  • Gift exchange among sister societies by the Presidents or their representatives
  • Brief speech by the Presidents or their representatives
  • Announcement of evening event by Xianlin Han, Co-Chair of Events Committee and Past-President of CASMS
  • Acknowledgement to Conference Chair and Co-Chairs and the Conference Organizers by Liang Li on behalf of Executive Committee for Conference Organization


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