2022 Virtual Conference Poster Submission

Poster Submission for the 2nd CASMS Virtual Conference

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Poster Submission Deadline: October 9, 2022


Poster presentation in the following topics:

  • Technology Innovation for Biological Discovery
  • PTMs and Diseases
  • Protein Structures and Proteoforms
  • Proteomics in Precision Medicine
  • Systems Biology and Epigenetics
  • Frontiers in Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Proteomics and Multi-omics in Pharma and Biotech
  • Lipidomics in (Pre)translational Research
  • Analytical Method Development in MS-based Metabolomics
  • Multi-omics Integration for Biomarker Discovery
  • Recent Advances in Biotransformation Sciences for Small Molecules, Proteins, and New Modalities
  • New Applications of MS in Drug Discovery
  • Recent Issues in Regulated Bioanalysis
  • High-throughput MS for Drug Discovery
  • Other

Event Information

Event Date 09-21-2022
Location Online